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Meet Miso and Meeko

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Update: Meeko and Miso Are officially Foster Fails. Their Foster Mother Decided she can't live without Them,

These two are available in Eastern NC #GreenvilleNC #Bondedpair #adoptablekittens

Meet Meeko and Miso, they are about 17 weeks old. Found outside when they were about 3-5 days old. They had four other siblings, but they passed. They are bottle babies but now they mostly eat dry food! They love each other so much and literally don’t do anything without the other! They bonded quickly due mostly because of their premature separation from mom and other littermates. They have had a de-wormer and a flea bath but have not been to the vet. Their ears are checked daily, and they are very very clean! They use the litter box like pros. They are very loving and used to being handled because they were so vulnerable from day one, they were held and loved on all the time. Meeko, the gray one, loves being rubbed on your face, and he is a huge love bug. Miso, the white one, doesn’t love to be picked up, but she enjoys being held like a baby. Meeko LOVES being held and kissed. They’re both very good with cat-friendly dogs, as they grew up with one. They’re both very playful and full of energy. They will be going to the vet and will be tested and given their first kitten shots. There is a rehoming fee an interview process and a contract. If you are interested in adopting this pair, please send an email to or leave a comment.

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