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National Love Your Pet Day

How do you show your fur kids that you love them? There are many things we do that are small acts of love. We feed them food that is good for them. We by them toys. We talk to them and listen to them. We take them for walks or to the vet for their annual examination and shots. All these things though they may seem menial add up to acts of love. Simply spending time and training your fur kid is a huge act of love and strengthens the bond you have with them.

When we include our fur kids in life events or family trips, we are saying “You are part of my family and of course you are included.” Some of you may take your dog to a park every week, or you may teach you cat how to walk on a leash. There are even people who walk their cat in a stroller so that she can smell the outside and spend quality time with mommy and still be safe.

Sometimes we do things that we consider an act of love, but it is the kind of love your fur kid

really doesn’t need. We used to feed our dog the fat and gravy from our dinner until the vet lectured us on his weight. Sharing your pizza with your dog every blue moon probably won’t hurt him but sharing your food all the time may lead to health issues.

Letting the cat out to run around the neighborhood could get your cat killed. Besides the risk of getting hit by a car, not everyone is as happy to see your cat as you are. Many people lose their cats and dogs to shelters. Unsupervised time outside may be something that your dog or cat enjoys but it may not be safe.

There are other things we do for our fur kids especially when they get old, that they may not like but need to stay healthy and with you longer. Sometimes you have to be the mean bad mommy and do what is best because you love them. Claws need clipping, fur needs grooming, teeth need brushing, medications need to be given, and they are all acts of love.

Leave a comment and let me know how you show your fur kid that you love them.

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