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National Public Health Week/Animals that work for us

In the event of a national epidemic or a world pandemic, the people who study, communicate, and plan the way we respond to these incidents are public health workers. In the past and even today "working cats" are used as part of an ongoing plan to keep our food safe and prevent our cities from being overrun with rodents.

Although I never took pictures; now I am sorry I didn't. Shanna Punim. The cat who decided to live outside with us caught a number of rodents on an almost daily basis. I'm sure that she was the reason we never saw a mouse in the house.

In many places where food and grains are stored before they become the food we eat or before they make it to the store, cats are on guard to keep our food safe.

In another way, bomb-sniffing and drug-sniffing dogs also help in the public health field by preventing a public health disaster before it happens.

Whether they are keeping our livestock safe, protecting our food stocks, or keeping us from getting killed. Dogs and Cats especially work hard behind the scenes to help all of us live the lives we want to. Here at Because of Jim, we appreciate the many animals that help us each day.

Photo by: renjith-tomy-pkm Photo by:Legioseve

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