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A poem for World Poetry Day

We had 2 cats, and then had 4. Nick looked outside, and found 1 more! That’s it I said, no more I’m through! But one more came, what could we do?

She had 5 inside a tree. We looked and said this cannot be! Oh what, oh what, are we to do? I said no more! I said I’m through! We took her babies to the vet. It was a day I won’t forget. I left them there and said goodbye. With just one teardrop in my eye. They would all find homes you see. Their home would just not be with me. We took the mom, to get her spay, And she decided she would stay. She didn’t want to live indoors, with so much outside to explore! As time went by we all got old. That’s how it works, that’s what I’m told. But no one said they’d all get sick! They all had changed. It was too quick! One by one, we said goodbye. So many teardrops we would cry. We had 6, then 5, then 4, If you count the one outdoors. Then went 3, she now was gone. Our first and last did carry on. One lived inside and one lived out. Is this what life is all about? For 19 years we loved her so. For Killer, it was time to go. The house felt lonely when she died. She left us with the one outside. We worked to get her to come in. But that all ended, when Jim walked in. We didn’t know what was in store. That fate full day he graced our door.

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