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Dogs and cats on the Farm

Today is world farm animal day. When we think of farm animals, we might think of the song the farmer in the Dell. I remember singing that song when I was a little girl. There was always a pig, a cow, and a goat, but I don’t remember there being a dog in that song. There was never a cat in that song, but there are many dogs and cats that not only live on the farms but are essential to the working and hygiene of a farm.

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Thành Đỗ Cameron Findlay Samuel Walker

The right kind of dog is important though herding dogs don't just push sheep around. They also protect chickens and ducks. Some dog breeds do not mix with farm life and become more of a problem than a help. If you are considering farm life, or just having an animal menagerie, it is important to consider the kind of animals you want to house and the way they fit together or not.

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Barn cats are good for keeping rodents at bay. They're also good company for horses. You might consider allowing a TNR program to release cats onto your property after they have been fixed and vetted. It is a great way to give homes to cats who would otherwise be left on their own and an organic way to have pest control.

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Some farm dogs are considered part of the family and some cats are too. Unlike most farm animals they usually get names. As long as they are being cared for and receiving regular checkups and vaccinations, dogs and cats make great farm animals and farm hands too.

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