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Big Hits and Big Bombs for 2023

Updated: Jan 7

Last year, I did a post titled Big Hits and Big Bombs, so I thought I would make it a tradition. This year, we added a few cats to our household, bringing new challenges.

Nelly had resource guarding issues, and Spot took a long time to adjust to life as an incat. Spot still has issues with being handled, and since I accidentally cut her quick, she will not allow us to clip her claws anymore. With all the changes for everyone in the house and blending two cats with three more, we needed a little help. I found a website, They have sprays to help with bullies, inappropriate elimination, and more. I bought the Convivial House Cat spray. It is supposed to stop fighting. We didn't have any serious issues, but we did have a lot of hissing, and when Nelly gets frustrated, she swipes and chases the nearest cat. It was a bomb in our house, but it works really well in my friend Linda's house, where she has five boys. It also works in her daughter's house. They also sell toys. Their Catnip Kickers are a big hit in our house.

Jaxson Galaxy is pitching something similar on his site, but I haven't tried it.

What did work in our house was Catnip Spray.

I sprayed it in the entrances to the two rooms the cats sleep in, on a cushion in the living room, and on the rug near the couch and their play area. All Five cats reacted to the spray in a similar way. It slowed them down and distracted them enough to let their guards down. I sprayed it in the morning and at bedtime. I got it at PetsMart, but it is available at most major pet supply stores and online. The best part about this spray is that I didn't need it anymore after a few months and it is a lot less expensive than the other sprays.

I also bought the loose catnip and have been using it to make my own cat toys.


I made a post about this toy, but I want to add that not only do the cats not like to play with these, but they are also dangerous. The only one they liked was the one with the Superball. I found it in one of the water bowls a few days ago. Part of the tail had been bitten off, and the String was coming out of the ball. Don't buy these unless you want a trip to the emergency Hospital.

The big toy winner this year surprised me. Our boy Buddy is a big baby. He is afraid of everything. I was stunned when he was the first to play with this interactive plush toy. It flaps its wings and chirps, and the flapping causes the bird to look like it is in distress.

Buddy was afraid of the floppy fish, so I wasn't sure how this toy would go over with him. All five of them have played with it. So, I am calling the Potaroma Cat Toy Flapping Bird a big hit!

I hope you have a happy New Year! If you have any great finds, let me know. I will be happy to try it out in our house and share it with my friends.

I will be selling my cat kickers soon, and don't forget the biggest hit of the year is my new book. Mostly True Tales from Wild Serenity is available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and E-book.

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