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Fur Kid or Just a Pet

Today begins Pet Appreciation Week. We are also at the beginning of hurricane season. Make sure that you are prepared for any eventuality. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans no one could have predicted how the storm would change their lives and their families. My grandmother was airlifted off of her roof and although she had her cats with her, they were not allowed on the helicopter that took her away.

Weeks and months went by, and I spent many hours on the computer and the phone trying to coordinate the rescue of my grandmother’s cats. One was rescued and ended up in Gold Coast Florida at a shelter. The other was finally found hiding near her house, but neither cat was chipped. Had they been chipped Teddy, the one that ended up in Florida would have been reunited with my grandmother much sooner. Unfortunately, the other cat was killed soon after she was found because she was kept outside.

If you appreciate the love and joy your pets give you, consider bringing them inside for good. Even if you have a cat that has never been out and has no desire to go out consider getting her chipped. You just never know.

Where we live, if the house caught on fire, we might not have enough time to carry our cats out of the house. We might have to send them out a window and find them later. It’s something I think about whenever I think of our action plans. No place in the world does not experience natural and man-made disasters. If you have an action plan for your family, make sure you don’t forget the most vulnerable members of your family.

Have a plan that includes your fur kid. If your pet is just a pet, do you really appreciate him?

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