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Happy Birthday Mama Elijah is Turning 3

We don't know when Mama Elijah was really born and when that happens the vet estimates a date. That is why many people celebrate the adoption day or Gotcha Day.

All we know about Mama is that she's the oldest at about 3 years old today. She was a very young mother. We think she actually started having litters in 2020. We are just glad that we have her and she doesn't have to worry about anything including having any more babies.

Her last litter was the biggest one, six kittens. She was a great mother, so we celebrate her today with some of our favorite pictures.

Fun Fact: Did you know that veterinarians look at teeth to age a cat, and judge age based on how many teeth they have if they are very young, and how much yellowing or tarter they have after they have all their teeth? If you keep your cat's teeth clean, they will look a whole lot younger.

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