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International Left-Handers Day/Male cats are more likely to be Lefties Than Females.

Photo Credits left to right: Yaroslav Shuraev, Pavel Danilyuk, Bethany Ferr

Fun Fact:

Did you know that your dog or cat can have a dominant paw? Just like people dogs and cats can be left-pawed and right-pawed. Just like us, they use both paws for some things but for more focused activities like digging a toy out from under the couch, they will usually have a preference for which side of their body does the work.

For some fun experiments, you can do with your dog and cat, check out the article in the link below. I promise these experiments are fun activities you can do with your dog or cat and learn something about them at the same time.

By the way, you may have seen the article with the video of Iris doing clicker training. She high-fives with her left paw and shakes with her right. I guess she's ambidextrous.

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