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I Hate Coriander Day

Many of us are not big fans of Coriander or the leafy part Cilantro. But did you know that coriander can be added to your cat, dog, or rabbit's diet if done in moderation? Coriander has many beneficial nutrients and properties that can aid in keeping bones strong, helping blood coagulate, helping stomach upset and staving off fungal and viral infections.

Don't go running off to the store to buy a bunch of Cilantro for you fur kid just yet. Each species mentioned above has different tolerance levels when it comes to Coriander. For example, rabbits cannot eat the seeds or the roots of the plant but can enjoy a couple of leaves every once in a while. Too much can upset Bunny's tummy. Too much can also upset Fido's tummy too. And while it is safe for cats, there is a good chance your cat will not like it.

Whenever you want to add something to your fur kid's diet, it is best to consult your veterinarian first.

For cat families herb gardens can not only be a fresh way to season your own food but there are many herbs that are not only safe, but also beneficial for cats. Some of these, like Basal may also be good for Bunny.

Catster Magazine has a great article on safe herbs you can grow in your home. Here is the link. Safe Plants for Cats: What to Have in Your Garden - Catster

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