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Important Things to Know About Kittens

Kittens can be spayed and neutered when they weigh 2 Lbs. which usually coincides with the 8-week point in their life. Females can go into heat and become pregnant by 5 months, so it is important to keep them inside and away from boys until they can get their surgery after they have been weened. By 8 weeks mom is usually done feeding and kittens should be eating kibble. Spaying/neutering will prevent unpleasant behaviors associated with a heat cycle, like urine marking and howling.

Although kittens are very fragile in the first few months of life, it is important for them to have positive interactions with humans during this time. Early in life kittens learn who is safe and who is not. As long as mom is okay with it, kittens should be held, loved on, and played with at the appropriate times. Toys can be introduced after week three, but don't expect kittens to really engage until week 5. At this period of life, kittens have not developed the ability to land on their feet so play should be calm and on the floor.

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