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Lost Dog Awareness Day

How to keep your dog from getting lost

Some of these tips may sound obvious but it never hurts to hear something twice.

1. Make sure that when you leave your dog alone, he/she is secure in the house or yard.

2. If you leave your dog outside during the day, make sure that you do regular checks of your fence, pen, or any other equipment to keep your dog safe at home.

3. When you are traveling with your dog make sure they are secure in the vehicle. A harness with a clip-on seat belt strap can save your dog from jumping out of the car if you need to stop on the way to wherever

you are going.

4. Don’t leave your dog in the car.

5. Make sure that your dog is on a leash whenever you are out together.

6. Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with his name and your number on it, and get your dog chipped. Chipping can be done at any time and does not require sedation. AKC chips are a flat fee for life.

What you can do to get your dog back if it gets lost

Before you freak out, make sure your dog is really lost. Check every room and corner of the house. If you have a small dog, make sure he did not get closed in a closet.

1. Call your local animal control to let them know that you are looking for your dog.

2. Make an announcement on social media. There are two apps that have been very useful for finding lost animals. Paws boost, and Nextdoor.

3. Check with neighborhood friends where your dog has had playdates. If there is another dog in your home or a dog friend in the neighborhood have them walk around the neighborhood with you. They will smell your dog before you see it. Ask your friends and other family members to help search so you can cover more ground faster.

4. Bring something that smells good to your dog like a smelly treat.

5. If your dog is lost in an unfamiliar area call local law enforcement.

6. When you are calling your dog make sure you sound upbeat. If you sound upset or angry you may send a message that he is in trouble.

7. Be patient. If your dog strayed from your house, he will come back when he is hungry.

8. Post fliers around your neighborhood and if you live near a grocery or convenience store ask if you can put signs up there also.

9. If your dog is purebred read our article on theft prevention.

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