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National Caregivers Day

When we think of caregivers, we usually think of caring for a sick or elderly parent, or a child with a disability. But what about the people who tend and care for all of the old and abandoned companion animals that are rescued or cared for in their colonies.

Caring for our sick and elderly pets can be just as taxing as caring for a person. There are thousands of people all over the country and world who get up every day to go out and feed colonies of cats. There are also too few but wonderful organizations that take in senior or sick dogs and cats that would have otherwise been abandoned, neglected, or put to sleep because there is no one who wants to take care of Uncle Joe’s 14-year-old cat after he passed away.

There are some wonderful people who have fallen into the role of caregiver and fallen in love with the animals they care for. There are others who have decided to do what they can for the animals they love and when those dogs, cats, or rabbits died they just kept bringing more home.

There is a guy named Mike who takes care of all the neighborhood strays, and a woman

named Nancy who cares for multiple small colonies of cats, there is another woman who has rescued over 50 cats. And there are organizations that started with one woman or one couple who decided to do what they could and get help from their contacts to do even more. There is a woman in Grifton NC who runs an animal rescue and rehab center all on her own.

I don’t want to take away anything from the millions of people who day in and day out take on the care of their loved ones, or work in the care giving industry, but they are not the only ones we should celebrate.

Thank you HWAH, Wings of Kuwait, Saving Graces 4 Felines, and all of the many people out there who are care givers to the animals who need help. If you would like to help and organization or volunteer,

there are links below to some of the organizations that I know do good work. If you are not from any of the areas where these organizations operate, I guarantee there is someone doing good work near you.

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