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National Shower with a Friend Day

Speaking of National Shower with a friend day, unless you have a cat that likes to jump in the water with you, I wouldn't recommend trying to shower with fluffy. You may not want to be partially or fully undressed in such a small space with a cat who doesn’t want to be wet.

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But Fido on the other hand may enjoy a shower. There are benefits of bathing your dog in the shower (as long as you both fit). 1. The mess is contained. 2. No muddy paws going back into the house. 3. It is just another thing fido can look forward to doing with you.

The downside is a possible clogged drain. You don’t want to bath Fido too often. Dogs can suffer from dry skin and stripped coat if they are bathed too often. Also make sure you use shampoo that is made for him. Our soap and shampoo may be too harsh and for Fido’s skin. And make sure you keep water out of your fur kid’s ears.

If you're going to get wet any way you might as well, make it worth it. Just remember whose towel is whose.

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