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Our Hero

Today is the beginning of Burn Awareness Week. If you search cat or dog rescues family from fire, you would be surprised how many stories there are on the internet. Sometimes we forget that are fur kids have smarts and abilities that we don’t. Are they smarter than we are? Well maybe. But the point is they can smell before we do, they sense danger differently than we do. And if that’s not enough they sure know how to wake us up.

We had a cat Smokey who was a beautiful part Main Coon. Not very long after we moved into our house, I decided to use the self-cleaning oven feature on our oven. I had never used this feature on an oven before so I was not sure what to expect except that the kitchen would be warm from the hi heat use by this feature.

A few minutes after I turned the oven on, we started to notice an acrid odor. It didn’t take long for Smokey to start raising hell. He would not stop crying and became ever more insistent. We opened the windows to help ventilate the house better, but it was not good enough for Smokey. We decided it wasn’t worth the risk or the smell to keep running the oven, so I turned it off. It only took a few minutes for Smokey to calm down. There was something very wrong and he knew it. I am sure that he saved us all from being poisoned by whatever the chemical we were smelling was.

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