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Tug toys for Kittens

Tug games with kittens and cats are a little different than they are with dogs. One of the best toys I ever had was a polyester shoelace with a bottle cap tied to the end. I put a hole in the bottle cap and tied a knot on the end so it would not be pulled off. Then I tied the other end of the shoelace in knots so that the kittens had something to chew on. That alone was a great toy, but when I put the bottle cap through a hole in the laundry basket it became a game. The kittens could chew on the shoestring, tug on the knot, pull the basket, and work out how to get the cap out. 3 toys in one and all from things I already had in the house.

Believe it or not a year later it is still being used. This toy allowed teething kittens to chew on something soft that wouldn’t come off, it allowed them to build their strength by pulling the basket, and it gave them a puzzle to solve. Some of them were smart enough to jump in the basket and pull from the cap end. The noise of the cap on the floor is yet another thing that the kittens enjoy.

All you need is a shoelace. a toy some Velcro and a laundry basket. And oh yea. don't forget the cat!

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