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My name is Gwen W Segal. I am the Author of Because of Jim and Mostly True Tales from Wild Serenity.

December 6-11, you can donate to the fund here and receive a personalized signed copy of either book sent anywhere in the contiguous United States.

  • Because of Jim paperback $18

  • Mostly True Tales from Wild Serenity Paperback $21

  • Mostly True Tales from Wild Serenity Hard Copy $30

After spending a year rescuing, fostering, and finding homes for all the cats we rescued, I wrote Because of Jim. Now, I have written a book for children of all ages.

The goal of this fundraiser is to act as a depository for all credit card in-person sales of either book or to accept donations to the fund. This fundraiser will end on December 12th

The Wild Serenity Cat Rescue fund uses book royalties to support worldwide public and private animal rescues. All funds collected through this site will go directly to the Wild Serenity Cat Rescue Fund account.


Each quarter, we write a check to an organization and allow our TwitterX Followers to Nominate and vote for 1 of 4 rescues.

  • Saving Graces 4 Felines

  • Firetower Animal Clinic (medical assistance)

  • The Petfood Pantry of Eastern NC

  • Meowland in PA

  • Gandolf's Legacy GA

The above are just some of the organizations we have already helped. The more books we sell, the more we can help!

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