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World Refugee Day and Take your Cat to Work Day

There are hundreds of thousands of animal refugees in the world right now. Not all of them are from war-torn regions.

Some of them have become refugees because of human encroachment and development in their territories and roaming ranges. We have seen pictures of people fleeing Ukraine carrying dogs and cats, but some of them are also bringing horses, goats, and sheep.

In countries like India, Batswana, and more, humans and climate change are the reason for animals who migrate, ending up in strange and unfamiliar territory.

For some cats, every day is taking your cat to work day. Bodega cats, bookstore cats, farm cats, and if you work from home, office cats. Companies like Purina allow and encourage their office employees to bring their pets to work. I know of a few places around town that have cats at their business. Wild Birds Unlimited (the irony is not lost on me) and the lawn mower repair place in Winterville have store cats. Our vet's office also allows workers to bring their pets to work. Having a cat at work can make you a happier worker and a more productive one. But for those of you who have escape artists and scaredy cats. You might be better off leaving them at home. Would your cat be okay at work with you?

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