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You Can Never Spoil Your Dog Too Much/Happy National Spoil Your Dog Day

Ok, you can spoil your dog too much. But you really have to work at it to do it. Too many treats can cause health issues, but one or two days a year you can go crazy. This day is one of them.

Photo credits from top left: Enzo Muñoz, Boris Pavlikovsky, Yaroslav Shuraev, Karolina Grabowska, Valeria Boltneva, Roman Obinstov, Boris Pavlikovsky, Mikkel Bendix

For all you dogs that felt left out last Monday when it was International Cat Day, it’s your turn. Today is Spoil your dog day. Some of you might like a spa day, but my bet is that you would like nothing more than to spend the day with your favorite human, eat a special treat, and play with your favorite toy.

No matter how much your mom and dad spoil you throughout the year it is never too much. There is just no such thing as a too spoiled Dog!

We hope you all enjoy your day however makes you happy.

If you are looking for ways to spoil your dog here are a few suggestions:

  • Spend extra time with him.

  • Buy him a dog-friendly Ice-cream

  • Take him to pick out a new toy at the store

  • Take him to get a massage

  • Make him his favorite people food.

  • Take him for a play date at the dog park

  • Go on an adventure together

for a video with some interesting statistics about how we like to spoil our dogs click below:

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