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A, B, or C What Type do You Want

Cats can be categorized in different ways. Jaxson Galaxy categorizes cats based on where and how they like to hang out. His three are beach dwellers, cave dwellers, and tree dwellers.

There is also another way to categorize cat’s that I think is even more important.

  • A cats are affectionate and love to be petted and loved on. They are the lap cats; the rub allover you cats.

  • B cats will tolerate being petted for a little while, but when they have had enough that’s it. If they are pushed past their comfort zone watch out.

  • C cats can’t stand being touched. No matter where you touch them their skin will react automatically like a shock. It’s ok for them to touch you but you can’t touch them.

Not everyone wants a lap cat, so it’s a good thing that not all of them are. If you are looking to adopt a new cat our kitten, and you want a cat that you can love on all the time, there are a few things you can do to make sure that the cat you bring home is the one for you.

  • Ask about the temperament of the cat at the shelter or rescue.

  • Take some time to play with the cat. I recommend at least 20 minutes. In that amount of time, you should be able to get a good idea if this is the cat or kitten with whom you can bond.

  • Do some research. It doesn't take long to find information about cat breed temperament, and you don’t have to be looking at a pure bred to get the cat you want.

Keep an open mind when you go to a shelter or rescue for a cat or kitten. The white one with the pretty blue eyes might be a type C cat, while the brown tabby might be a type A. All cats need time to get used to a new home and a new routine. If you know what type of temperament you are bringing home, you will both be happier.

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