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Fun Fact/ Why Are There So Many Breeds of Dogs and Not Cats?

There are 73 recognized breeds of cats in the world, as opposed to almost 200 breeds of dogs. The reason for so many dogs may sound like a bad joke.

How many dogs does it take to get a job done?

One but it has to be the right breed.

Photo By: Rodnae Productions

How many cats does it take to get a job done?

None. Cats don’t work they have staff for that.

But really dogs and cats are bread for different reasons, and since cats are not bread for specific tasks there just are not as many breeds. What it does mean is that even the most domesticated cat is closer to his wild cousin than any dog is to a wolf.

If you have ever wondered what breed mix your rescue is, there is a product called Wisdom Panel Complete for cats that can not only give you the breed mix of your cat but also test for 45 different health issues. Chewy sells it. As of Aug. 7, 2022 it is on sale for $99.00. That might be more fun than 23 and Me.

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