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International Rescue Cat Day

You don’t have to look far or hard to find a cat that needs rescuing. We have rescued kittens from unwanted litters, cats who managed to make it to our house set off in the woods, and cats and kittens who were picked up off the road. If you want to bring home a new cat or kitten all you have to do is walk into the shelter, or pet supply store and you will find all kinds, all ages, and all colors.

If your goal is to rescue, please consider an older cat. There are benefits for both the cat and you. They are usually not as high maintenance as kittens, most are already litter trained. They will appreciate you more than a kitten will, and they can be left for longer intervals. With an older cat you can go to work and come home, and they will generally not get into trouble. Kittens should not be left alone all day, especially if there is only one. Kittens also require kitten proofing. You can look online for ideas on what you might need to do. It is a lot like babyproofing. I will have an article on kitten proofing very soon.

If you can’t afford the adoption fee at the shelter or rescue, you probably can’t afford to take proper care of your new cat. Free is never free. That is why shelters and rescues have a vetting process. Although there are low-cost places to spay or neuter your kitten/cat, and there are also low-cost rabies clinics, things still add up.

If you adopt an older cat they will most likely already be fixed, and up to date on shots.

If you have an accidental litter that is unwanted, please DO NOT give kittens away for free. There are people who look for free animals for the sole purpose of doing harm. Unless it’s someone you know very well. Ask for help from a local organization, but please don’t give the babies away for free.

There are so many cats and kittens that need good loving homes there is no need to shop. When you adopt you save a life! When you shop, you create a market for more unwanted cats.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels

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