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Just like Take your Cat to Work Day, taking your dog to work has pros and cons. Companies that allow their employees to bring their fur kids to work also enjoy some benefits. There is a growing number of companies using this perk to hire and retain the best workers. Studies have shown that retention rates are higher, and workers are more productive and less likely to miss workdays when they are allowed to bring their fur kid to work. Having your dog at work may save you time and money, it may also contribute to your mental and physical health. Studies have also shown that having your dog around at work can reduce stress and foster better working relationships.

Now for the cons. If your fur kid is a puppy, they may not be able to handle the extra stimulation of other people. If your dog does not have good manners, he may cause stress in your coworkers or worse he could hurt someone. Also, not all dogs get along well with others. If there are multiple pets at your office the chance of conflict goes up.

Before you jump at the chance to bring Lucky to work, take an honest look at your dog. Does your dog pass the good citizen checklist? Is your dog friendly with everyone, do you have total control of your dog on and off-leash? Is lucky clean and fully vaccinated? Does he get along well with other animals? Is he easily excited and distracted?

There is nothing wrong if you cannot answer these questions positively, but it may not be the right time to bring your dog to work. If you work at a job that is conducive to bringing your dog to work go for it, but if not, maybe Lucky will learn how to behave in public better next year. Not every dog has the temperament and manners to go to the office. Maybe you can take Lucky to the park this weekend instead.

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