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Safety Pup Day

Today is national Safety Pup Day! The NCSC has been providing safety information to the

public and police departments since 1955. This is also the organization who put missing kids on milk cartons. Click here for free downloadable resources FREE Downloads (

If you go to their website, you will find a list of all of the safety information that they provide including Farm Safety

While we're on the subject of safety, let's talk about animal safety. There are several categories under animal safety.

  1. Introductions in public. Never assume that a dog or cat is friendly just because their person took them out in public. If you see someone walking their dog or cat do not run up to them. Say hello to the person and ask if their dog or cat is friendly. Ask if you can pet him or her. If the person says yes, then calmly walk over standing to the side pet the dog or cat behind their ears. Never walk right up to their face, and never put you hand in an animal's face. Be very gentle. Listen to the animal's person. If they tell you not to touch their dog or cat in a certain spot; it is for a good reason.

Dogs and cats that are alone on the street may be sick or aggressive. Never try to grab an animal unless you know what you are doing. Dog and Cat bites can cause infections and are very painful. Dogs and cats that are on their own may also have parasites that can be transferred to you. Ring worn, and Scabies are very contagious, and very unpleasant.

2. Safety for your own dog or cat. Never let your dog or cat out without a leash unless it is into an enclosed space. Make sure that you have control over your dog or cat at all times. If you are transporting, your furry family member anywhere, make sure that they are in a carrier or have a seatbelt. No matter where you are going your furry family member will be safe when the car is moving and when the doors are open if they are secured in the vehicle. We do not like to see dogs riding in the back of pickups especially on the highway! But if you must make sure that he or she is tethered to the truck in a safe manor or in a crate.

I will have more safety tips for your fur family members in later posts. So come back for more. 😸🐶

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