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Tips for a safe and happy Halloween for All

Halloween is just a few days away, and we would be remiss if we didn’t emphasize pet safety and protection during National Animal Safety and Protection Month. In no particular order, here is a list of things you can do to keep your fur kids safe during this rowdy holiday.

1. Make sure you keep candy out of reach of any kind of animal you have in your home. Chocolate is particularly harmful to dogs and cats, but there are dangers from all types of treats.

Photos by Terrance Barksdale and Daisy Anderson

2. If you plan on dressing up your fur kids, please make sure that there are no buttons or pieces that can be chewed off. Make sure that your kid can move naturally and that her sight and hearing are not impaired by costume parts.

Yes No

Photos by: Sam Lion and Susan Flores

3. We do not recommend taking your fur kid trick or treating, but if you do, make sure that they are secure on a leash, their costume has reflective tape, or glows in the dark, especially if your fur kid had black or dark fur. Also make sure they have ID tags on, even if they never wear them any other time.

Photos by: Lisett-kruusimäe and Thirdman

4. Remember animals who are not used to loud crowds or big groups may not enjoy this holiday as much as you do. Stress can lead to unexpected behaviors that may put a damper on your holiday.

Photo by: -Yuting-Gao

If your animal is shaking it would be best to put them in a quiet and comfortable room.

If your animal is over-simulated by too much noise and activity, make sure you have control over your animal. Someone could get hurt.

If your animal is fearful, she may try to escape to get away from the excitement.

5. Keep your fur kid in a room where they feel safe and have access to everything they need. This will help to prevent your fluffy ball from getting lost.

6. Remember that costumes and masks can scare and confuse your fur kid because they read our faces and body language as much as they listen to our tone.

Photo by: Jill Wellington

7. If they are not coming with you trick or treating, please don’t leave your pet in the yard. Even a well-built fence will not stop some kids from taunting and making fun out of hurting your fur kid. Halloween is one of the most dangerous holidays for pets, especially black ones.

If you follow these simple tips everyone will have a Happy Halloween!

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