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Wait I Can't Swim

When we learn how to swim one of the first things we learn is to dog paddle, but did you know that there are dogs who can’t dog paddle. There are some dog bread that will drown if they end up in the pool or the river without a life vest. If water is a big part of your lifestyle you may think twice before you adopt one of these breeds.

Pugs are very popular dogs but the flat face they have been bred for is the same thing that hinders their ability to swim. With short legs and a flat nose. These dogs struggle to keep their noses above water.

Dachshunds do not have the problem that pugs have keeping their snouts up, but because of their ultra-short legs, they will never be able to get anywhere in the water.

Maltese dogs don’t look like they would have trouble swimming. Their legs are long enough for their size, and his small chest and full muzzle bely his problem with temperature regulation. Maltese dogs easily get the chills which can turn dangerous for them very quickly.

Bulldogs are the perfect example of a dog that was not made for water. With a big head and chest and a flat face and short legs, this dog will definitely need a life vest if he is brought anywhere near water. His oversized features and his short legs prevent him from being able to keep himself from sinking into the water.

Basset hounds are also cursed by their most recognizable features. Their long ears make them prone to ear infections and help weigh them down. Their large heads, dense bone mass, and short legs make swimming just about impossible and dangerous.

Other dogs with special needs when it comes to water include Chow Chow, Corgi, Boxer, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Shih Tzu. This is not to say that these dogs don’t like to get wet, but most of them would do better in a kiddy pool or playing in a sprinkler.

The bottom line is when you bring any dog into your family it is important to know their limitations and be prepared with the appropriate equipment your dog needs. Just like your human children, a life vest can save the life of your dog.

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