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What do I need to do to Make Sure My New Baby Fits into the Family

Photo by: Kashmir Georgiev

Responsible dog ownership starts before you bring your dog home. Whether you are bringing home a puppy or adopting a rescue you will need to do some preparations. If you are bringing a new animal home to other animals, you will need to create a space that will allow your new baby to feel safe as they learn where their place is in your family. Any time you bring an animal into a house where there are already animals, introductions should be made slowly. Throwing animals together without an introduction could cause behavior issues that put your relationship with your new dog in jeopardy. Remember that even good changes can be stressful. You want to avoid territorial disputes or resource guarding.

When you are introducing two different species to each other a slow intro is crucial in ensuring peace in your home and happiness among your four-legged family members. Here are a couple of links to help you make sure that your family will have a successful introduction to your new dog.

Photo by: Sampson Katt

Too many dogs end up back in a shelter because of human error. Make sure that the dog you are bringing home is cat friendly. Make sure that if you are bringing a puppy or a dog that needs training into your home you make sure your cat is safe at all times. It will require some sacrifice and effort in the beginning but the time you put into making sure that yours is a happy home for everyone is worth it.

Photos by: Snapwire- Ioan Daniel Plesa -Petra Vajdova

Remember any animal you bring home whether they are the first or joining a multi species family will need time to adjust to their now home and life. And so will everyone else in your family. Keep in mind, that while you may have a dog that really wants to please you and play with his new sister. Cats Don't Like Change. Please keep her feelings in mind.

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