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You Don't Have to Wait for Christmas/ Every Day is a Good Day to Give

Photo by: Sergio Souza

After speaking with a friend yesterday, I was reminded that while there are many shelters in need of all kinds of things, most holiday drives center around toys and food and, for cats also litter. Those things are needed year-round, but so are so many other things. Here is a list of things that are commonly used and needed at animal shelters. Remember that the less they have to spend on supplies the more they can spend on healthcare.

Plastic bags- large and small

Ziplock bags

Post it notes





Plastic storage bins

Litter boxes

Carriers (all sizes)


Collapsible crates

Grooming supplies

Waterless shampoo


Dish towels


Blankets (all sizes)

Disposable bed pads

T-Shirts and Sweaters

Kitchen gloves

Welding gloves


Heating pads


Dawn soap Photo By: Sam Lions

Clothes soap

Paper towels

White vinegar


Wal-Mart gift cards

Pets-mart gift cards

Chewy gift cards

Cat trees/condos (ask before you bring)

Scratchpads and posts

Tennis balls



Cones (post-op)

Your time

Walking dogs

Playing with cats

Overnight stays

Help clean the facility

Help with intake and paperwork

Read to them

Sing to them

Play music for them

Hand Sanitizer

Baby Wipes

Baby bottles

Dog beds new and used

Toys new and used

Water and food dishes

Food/ all types

Litter (non-clumping)

If you want to give to a rescue or shelter near you, call and ask what they need most. Also, ask if they need any specialty brand food. Photo by: Aphotox

Shelter animals come from all over, and some are even purebred. Many will be there as a result of the death of their caregiver. All of them need love and a safe place to live. We encourage adoption from rescues and shelters.

Use whatever you are gifted with to help make the lives of animals better.

Remember Shelter animals are not there by choice. Whatever we can do to help them feel safe and calm is a great gift.

Photo By: Tima Miroshnichenko

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